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    • Jim Hetchler

      Key Pro Indexing! Searching later   01/21/2017

      If you want to find something on other sites/Facebook, etc. the searching criteria leaves a lot to be desired.  I have always known this to be an issue and have many times suffered trying to find something elsewhere.  SO I started being a hardass many years ago about posting on Key Pro Web in ONE forum.  In the Technical Automotive forum I DEMAND the members put the YEAR, MAKE, AND MODEL information first to make searching now and later clean and easy. So if you are out there in the middle of the night or it is 30° below zero and you want to find help RIGHT now it will come up RIGHT now. As of now this is up to you!!!  None of us Administrators well take any extra effort to correct you.  I will do what I can.  So if you post crap in the header in this forum and are searching a year or more from now to look up crap you will find it.  However if you are looking for something specific under Year, Make and Model and you have posted it accordingly you will then find it.

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