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      Cleaned up the membership a bit   09/12/2016

      I have cleaned up the membership by deleting anyone that has not accessed the site in over one year.  Those that have accessed in the last year and have posted will be notified the have 30 days to bring their account current.  So the membership has been reduced by over 600.  Future applicants will be required to meet with you or submit an application to the Membership Committee for review.
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      Upgrade, Clean up and other stuff   09/18/2016

      I am getting quite a few emails and calls about signing in.....  Please use your email address to log in.  If you still have an issue please let me know.  Also I never said I would remove you if you don't contribute but I am encouraging all to do so.  If you are a member now you can remain so as long as you pay your subscription each year.  Getting on will not be so easy.  I am going to work on a webinar to show online how to access the site and move around.  Uploading has certainly become much easier.  If you have a question please contact me.  jim@keypro.com
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      Social groups on-line   09/25/2016

      I have just imported the old social groups system into the new software platform. Please post bug reports in the normal manner.


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    • 2007 Ford Focus--no communication under any protocol.  Used smartbox.
    • Futura is a mostly decent machine. Tech support is pretty much non-existent. The guy I spoke with today would have to stand on a chair to raise his IQ   Me: "Hi, I'm having trouble cutting a key for a 2009 Nissan GTR" Him: "WOW WOW WOW SLOW DOWN. All I got out of that was 2009"   After repeating the make, year, and model two more times, and After s-p-e-a-k-i-n-g       v-e-r-y      s-l-o-w-l-e-y to explain my problem,  He proceeded to tell me that the machine doesn't cut that key.   I said, well, I'm looking at the specs on my screen right now, and gave him the card number. He said that card number doesn't exist.   I told him from the main screen I went to search, and clicked on vehicle keys, and he told me "NO NO NO, you can't search for keys that way. You have to go to full key searching" (total bullshit, because if you want to search for vehicle keys, one would generally click on the "search vehicle keys")   Then when I did it his way, and told him to click on Nissan, he said "NO, you can't click on Nissan, you can only use Nissan USA. You can only cut keys from manufacturers that end in USA"  Which is also kinda bullshit, because I'm pretty sure there's no Mercedes USA, or BWM USA. I also called bullshit because when the machine first came out, tech support was advising people to only cut Honda keys under Honda EU, and last time I checked, the European Union wasn't part of the USA.

      At any rate, even though the GTR is in the machine, and the fact that the machine decoded the key fine, and cut the first axis perfectly, apparently according to KABA, the specs for that car are not in the machines shipped to the US.   ALSO   I still can't get Ford 7 Cut high security insert to cut properly. If anyone know's how to do that, please let me know. I have no desire to ask tech support. It seems like the only thing Kaba Tech Support knows, is how to calibrate the machine, and aside from that, they're pretty much useless.
    • Done with mvpp. Follow prompts using beta
    • Anyone have info on adding a key in a lost key situation? Couldn't find anything on this.
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