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    • JoshAdmin

      Member Map Update   10/09/2017

      The "Locate a Key Pro Member" is now back and working.  So everyone needs to go to the "Membership Map" and post their location. PLEASE NOTE: YOU CANNOT PUT ANY INFORMATION ON THERE ABOUT YOUR COMPANY NAME, PHONE, ETC.  But the public can click on your name and your profile comes up showing the information without an address.  So make sure your profile is up to date!!!!      
    • Jim Hetchler

      TLA Convention, Dennison, TX February 1-4th   11/01/2017

      Letting everyone I know about the convention coming up. This will be just a bit south of Oklahoma State line on Hwy 75.  I will be teaching for two days and there will be a lot of Automotive Classes.  This includes the full Just Cars Plus EEPROM/Soldering/In-circuit Classes if you are looking at getting into the work.  The classes will book up fast and there is only room for 30 in each class.  The announcement should be released soon so you can look at signing up.