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Membership Service Announcement


This is a 'MSA' (Membership Service Announcement) for those members who wish to add attachments to the body of their posts.

After adding an attachment to the body of your post, you may wish to resize it for easier viewing by the membership. Read that as 'please give serious consideration to reducing the size of your GIGANTIC attachment', for easier viewing purposes by your target audience...

Reducing the physical size of your attachment is quite simple. Once you have added the attachment to the body of your message and before posting it, click on the attachment. You will notice that the attachment is now bordered by lines on all sides, with little tiny squares at each corner and halfway between each corner on each line.

You may use these to reduce the size of the attachment in any direction by hovering your cursor over these tiny squares and when your 'single ended arrow' cursor becomes a 'double ended arrow' cursor, you may left click and hold while dragging in the direction indicated by the double ended arrow.

Once you are satisfied with the size of your 'no longer GIGANTIC' attachment, as well as your text, click the Submit Reply button below. You may then rest contently that you have done your due diligence in being a responsible and thoughtful Keypro member... ;-)