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Membership Committee announcement

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Jim Hetchler

First and foremost, please accept my sincere wishes to you and your family for a Happy New Year along with Greater Health, Happiness and Prosperity!

When I first joined in 2014 (thank you Jim for that opportunity), my initial reaction was that I hit a gold mine, especially being at a beginner level back then. As time goes on, new nuggets are found, so I still value it as a gold mine of information.
Without knowledge, it's challenging to move to the next level, and having members who share their valuable knowledge to others through help or sharing a problem/solution post or sharing a new finding, allows everyone who wants to move up the ranks, do so.
We now live in a digital world where information spreads faster than ever. And equipping scammers or individuals who do not value our worth, with some of this information will only do us harm in the long run. We are seeing this first hand through other channels. Reality is we cannot eliminate the problem completely but what we can do is put measures in place to reduce the chances and that where the Review Committee comes in.
As part of our responsibility as a Review Committee chairman, my primary goal is to make sure NEW members applying to Keypro are well vetted to reduce the chances of having scammers join, or even worse, someone looking to sell this information to make quick bucks.
One of the measures we put in place in the last 2 years was the mandatory need to have a Keypro sponsor along with their application to be eligible to join. This concept is adopted similarly in private Facebook/WhatsApp groups, and is very effective and safe. There are Pros and Cons to that, today I say it's a Pro, back in 2014 when I was joining, it would have been a big Con as I was self taught and my network was limited. Time is not still, and changing requirements based on the evolving environment, is always needed.
If you have any feedback or suggestions to improve the vetting process to new members, feel free to email Keypro.committee@gmail.com. Or if you come across a member sharing trade secret information to the general public, please bring it to our attention and we will treat it accordingly.
One of the significant strengths of Keypro is the mix of professional locksmiths within, from beginners to advanced level. The members are the primary reason Keypro has a strong heart beating every day to benefit all. So thank you all who are still here and keeping this forum alive through your posts.
Thank you again for a strong 2019 and looking forward to the next decade!
Yaser Jafar
Review Committee Chairman
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