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Rebuildling the data! PLEASE LOOK.... ×

Rebuildling the data! PLEASE LOOK....

Jim Hetchler

I am in the process (a very long one) to rebuild the website going back to 2005 and coming forward.  I have most of the data to replace it but in some cases you provided it and I didn't back it up.  I may therefore reach out to you for assistance in getting it to me to post.  I would appreciate your patience while doing this.  This is going to take a very very long time but I owe it to you to get it done.  The are over 250,000 posts.  I am also in the process of uploading 300 videos from the past.

This site is only as good as the data makes it.  Your contributions will keep it so.  We are also in the process of finding a better host for storage but have a handle on it for now.  I have to give a shout out to Jerry Arnstein who has jumped in with his 30 years IT experience in helping us with this.

Remember ALL the data is there.  Just the pictures/videos were effected.  Most I have to add back.  If you need one let me know.


UPDATE: loaded all the videos I have.  If you have some send them.  Working on posts.  Started at page 1105 (24 Posts @ page) now up to page 977.. getting there.

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