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    I'm considering getting into this field.  I have some eeprom equipment, top of the line soldering, and hot air station,  and key programming equipment.  I'm thinking that an Autel scan tool is next in line.  My first question on which tool in the Autel line has the most module swapping capabilities?  Do I need the Maxisys Elite?  Should I get the one with j2534 pass-thru interface, or should I buy the AEZ Flasher2 Separately?  Do I need OEM programmers? 
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    Bottom line, you are going to need OEM diagnostic capabilities for the manufacturers, years and models you intend to service. That may mean OEM tools, a good J2534 device and appropriate software and/or subscriptions, or most likely a combination of both.
    Aftermarket tools will cover some of those duties. But I certainly wouldn't want to step off into that abyss without the catch net of the proper OEM tools underneath me. Not to mention some solid training.
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