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    TommyT reacted to autokeypro in ECU/TCU Cloning Business - Flex   
    Keypro Team,
    Hope all doing well.
    Who all interested in stepping into the ECU/TCU Cloning/Virginizing/Reading/Writing Business?
    I am looking to create a support group for those looking to buy the Flex tool and offer tips/hints/videos through me as I am the official distributor of their tools.
    If you have local business who do transmission swaps for euro cars, or ecu swaps, the flex is a low investment high return tool to own.
    You can also allow mail in service for these types of jobs and this is where it becomes lucrative once your name is out.
    You have 2 versions of the Flex, Flex Master and Flex Slave. Flex Master is more expensive but gives you the raw data read, this is helpful when you want to modify data yourself, requires experience. Flex Slave on the other hand is a reasonable priced tool which reads the data and encrypts it, you would send the file to me to unlock, which then allows you to write back into a used module.
    Flex Slave FULL version (ECU/TCU/OBD/BENCH/BOOT) - $3000
    Flex Slave ECU OBD/BENCH - $2000
    File unlock service $50/file
    I'm planning to do an introduction video for the product and give an example on how to clone let's say a BMW N20 or N55 ECU which have common failures.
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