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    gscode98 reacted to Black22 in 2001-2004 Toyota Sienna ECU   
    You sir are correct!
    VIN says it’s an 04
    Biuld date and current registration says 03! 
    Check and recheck and check again is the lesson here.
    Thank you all for pointing out what should’ve been obvious to me. It appears I was trying to make this more difficult than it needed to be. That’s not a first!
    Have a great weekend everybody!
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    gscode98 reacted to Keyhole - Eugene in 2008+ Ford Super Duty Dash Cluster   
    FYI on these, 2 experiences both identical with Fleet trucks.
    Both vehicles F350, NON transponder.
    Customer ordered a re manufactured dash from Local ford dealer.
    Dash shows up, they install will not start. Blinking theft light. Mileage, VIN etc are all already set and on a sticker on the side of the refurb clusters
    What does NOT work to get these running
    Programmable module installation - Copies data from old to new (I think?) acts exactly the same
    Parameter reset - nope
    Attempting to program transponder keys and just making it a transp car - nope
    What does work -
    Take out the APP, mileage adjustment, and just set the mileage right back to what it already had. Fired right up with the non transponder keys.
    Not sure if the parameter reset was required or not - did them anyways prior on the second one.
    Hopefully that saves someone some time.... the dash's ford is sending must all have the PATS enabled and for what ever reason setting the mileage while plugged into the vehicle seems to be turning it off.
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