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    Jim Hetchler reacted to birdman68 in Ford As Built Data Article   
    This may have some relevance when your stuck without asbuilt .
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    Jim Hetchler got a reaction from Pop-a-Lock in 2018 Dodge Charger Micropod vs J2534 Key Programming Question and Module Reflashing Info   
    I have a chat Group on Whatsapp with six of us at this point.  Some of them will send me pictures and a short description which I write up as a PDF.  Send a message to me on Whatsapp and I will add you.
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    Jim Hetchler got a reaction from Singh in 2018 Dodge Charger Micropod vs J2534 Key Programming Question and Module Reflashing Info   
    I have a chat Group on Whatsapp with six of us at this point.  Some of them will send me pictures and a short description which I write up as a PDF.  Send a message to me on Whatsapp and I will add you.
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    Jim Hetchler reacted to birdman68 in Used Chrysler PCM Vin Writing Skim Bypass.   
    This is a tip I found , may help in the event skim code is being a challenge to obtain.
    Not sure of year coverage but may help one of us.
    I always disconnect SKIM module and go to function of
    changing VIN. When no SKIM module offline DRB does not
    bother you asking for PIN and let you change VIN like car
    has no SKIM. After changing VIN connect SKIM back and start
    the car. I have change more than 100 ECMs in recent year and
    this method never failed.
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    Jim Hetchler reacted to Pop-a-Lock in 2011 Chevrolet Malibu ECM swap and key programming using Ae Tools and Computers Aezflasher   
    Live Note with Images: http://www.evernote.com/l/AAn7iYuDxQ1M147UhT8ysWWrB00DVOYvmRs/
    Task: Restore operation to a No Start vehicle after Engine Control Module has been changed.
    Conditions: 2011 Chevrolet Malibu using Ae Tools and Computers Aezflasher 1 (with USB drivers installed), Windows 10, Latest version of Java, strong internet connection (get the shops internet connection if you are at one), you should be using a battery maintainer during this procedure. GM recommends the Deltronics products line, jump pack, new or existing B111 Key. 10mm socket to work on battery terminals.
    Pro Tip: If you have multiple partitions, you must install your J2534 drivers to the partition you are working on! Example if you have a generic partition and that is where you installed you J2534, but later switch to a GM partition then you will need to install the driver's there as well.
    AE tools drivers page: https://www.aetools.us/catalog-flipbook/softdownload/

    www.acdelcotds.com is your starting point.

        1. There is no "SPS" software, the programming is done via Internet Explorer browser. 
        2. Check and download the latest version of Java www.java.com, make sure you are using Internet Explorer
        3. Log into Acdelcotds.com (If you don't have a log in then jump through the hoops to register, you do not need a Nastf ID to perform these procedures fyi.)
        4. Click Service and Programming Information
        5. Buy the Service Programming Only subscription. Pay for your subscription and come start back at the home page and select Service and Programming Information again to go back to the same page, but now it will show Access Your Subscription.
        6. Click Access Your Subscription, follow the prompts and approve the installs etc until you get a button that says, "Start Sps". If you don't have all of your Java updated, then this is where you will have problems. Download from java.com and restart the process.
        7. Choose Ecu replace and program
        8. Type in the Vin number
        9. Select Engine Control Module - Programming
        10. Next, Next, Next follow the prompts until programming is complete. Time to program depends on speed of Internet. I suggest getting on the shops wifi first before you get started.
        11. After you see the completion screen, click "Proceed with Same Vin".
        12. Select Theft Deterrent System - Program
        13. Select the option with Powertrain in it it, not just the program key option.
        14. Follow the on screen prompts till complete. Lights will blink on and off and put you in a 12 minute wait. 
        15. At the end of the 12 minutes you are done. Cycle the key watch the security light to make sure it comes on briefly then goes off. If you turn the key right after you program the ECM the light will come on, blink twice, then start blinking at a moderate rate. Note: If you come out to a vehicle that displays that 2 blink behavior you may want to ask if they changed the computer.
        16. You MAY need to do a hard reset to reset the HVAC system, in this case we didn't do that.
        17. Let the customer/shop know if they need an extra key, now would be a good time to purchase that from you and let them know about your other services and ask for referrals to other shops that may need your services, try to get a name and shop name to make a marketing stop at!

    When you are done with the ECU programming select Vehicle Theft Deterrent Learn PowerTrain option and follow the prompts to get the key reprogrammed. (You can reprogram the same key as before or a new key.)
    Robert Reynolds
    Special Thanks to: Donnie S., Brandon T. and Bill B. for the prep, help and helping have the confidence to get this done!
    2011 Chevy Malibu ECM Swap by Rob Reynolds.pdf
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    Jim Hetchler reacted to keymachine in 2006 Land Rover Range Rover HSE Instrument Cluster Replacement   
    This vehicle had an intermittent no start- key wouldn’t turn. Also, the key would sometimes turn but no crank.  When the key would turn but no crank, occasionally a light or two would flicker on the instrument cluster.  It uses the BMW style key with H92 blade and the Land Rover exclusive EWS4.5 system. At first I thought it might be the steering lock but it ended up being the instrument cluster. 
    With the used cluster plugged in the vehicle would not start. The 8 leg EEPROM in the pictures was read off the original cluster and written to the new/used cluster. The vehicle then started and the miles were also correct. 

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    Jim Hetchler got a reaction from JeffEilenberger in mvp module programming   
    Stacy's next book....
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    Jim Hetchler reacted to SacChipKeys in What do you look for or avoid in a good soldering station ?   
    The soldering class I took at JC was in 2015 and Jim's trailer had been stolen just prior to the classes.  We had soldering stations that were POS' and I didn't enjoy the class.  I subsequently bought a nice station and found out how easy it can be to remove and replace devices with good tools.
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    Jim Hetchler got a reaction from SacChipKeys in 2006 Dodge Dakota   
    Why was it dead and how do you know the other was alive?  Could be any number of other issues?
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    Jim Hetchler got a reaction from JeffEilenberger in Spindle Remover without damage   
    Is this not a good tool to have to prevent scoring the face of the cluster?  I thought it was but not selling any.
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    Jim Hetchler got a reaction from Singh in 2008 Nissan Murano   
    99 maxima spark.bin
    nissan immo ring 5wk48643ag tango.bin
    nissan immo ring 5wk48643ag.bin
    nissan immo ring 5wk48643bg orange5 tango.bin
    nissan immo ring 5wk48643bg orange5.bin
    08 altima L15Y ORANGE5.bin
    9n474745 altima bcm l15y tango.bin
    9n474745 altima bcm l15y.bin
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    Jim Hetchler reacted to rob in Isuzu Asender ECM swap   
    Shop could not locate a ECM for the Isuzu .Picked up one for a Trailblazer. Reflashed with TIS 2000 .Everything went well security light out but would not start. Even though security light was out there was still a code for theft .Did a theft relearn and good to go.Dont always trust the light.
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