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    Silverstate reacted to autokeypro in ECU/TCU Cloning Business - Flex   
    Keypro Team,
    Hope all doing well.
    Who all interested in stepping into the ECU/TCU Cloning/Virginizing/Reading/Writing Business?
    I am looking to create a support group for those looking to buy the Flex tool and offer tips/hints/videos through me as I am the official distributor of their tools.
    If you have local business who do transmission swaps for euro cars, or ecu swaps, the flex is a low investment high return tool to own.
    You can also allow mail in service for these types of jobs and this is where it becomes lucrative once your name is out.
    You have 2 versions of the Flex, Flex Master and Flex Slave. Flex Master is more expensive but gives you the raw data read, this is helpful when you want to modify data yourself, requires experience. Flex Slave on the other hand is a reasonable priced tool which reads the data and encrypts it, you would send the file to me to unlock, which then allows you to write back into a used module.
    Flex Slave FULL version (ECU/TCU/OBD/BENCH/BOOT) - $3000
    Flex Slave ECU OBD/BENCH - $2000
    File unlock service $50/file
    I'm planning to do an introduction video for the product and give an example on how to clone let's say a BMW N20 or N55 ECU which have common failures.
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    Silverstate reacted to autokeypro in ECU/TCU Cloning Business - Flex   
    With my manager/main tech away since December, full load everyday. Mid April will have them back and can spare time for this video.
    Hyped up everybody here but will be worth it!!!
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    Silverstate reacted to Jim Hetchler in 2011 Mercedes 'C' class airbag removal   
    This can be useful if you have never done it.
    2011 Mercedes C Class airbag removal.m4v
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    Silverstate reacted to Keyhole - Eugene in 2008+ Ford Super Duty Dash Cluster   
    FYI on these, 2 experiences both identical with Fleet trucks.
    Both vehicles F350, NON transponder.
    Customer ordered a re manufactured dash from Local ford dealer.
    Dash shows up, they install will not start. Blinking theft light. Mileage, VIN etc are all already set and on a sticker on the side of the refurb clusters
    What does NOT work to get these running
    Programmable module installation - Copies data from old to new (I think?) acts exactly the same
    Parameter reset - nope
    Attempting to program transponder keys and just making it a transp car - nope
    What does work -
    Take out the APP, mileage adjustment, and just set the mileage right back to what it already had. Fired right up with the non transponder keys.
    Not sure if the parameter reset was required or not - did them anyways prior on the second one.
    Hopefully that saves someone some time.... the dash's ford is sending must all have the PATS enabled and for what ever reason setting the mileage while plugged into the vehicle seems to be turning it off.
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    Silverstate reacted to Lockin4u in 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Type 2 Immobilizer & PCM Swap   
    I'll just drop this here.
    2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Type 2 Immobilizer & PCM Swap.pdf
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    Silverstate reacted to Locksmitherie in What do you look for or avoid in a good soldering station ?   
    Price no object, PACE soldering is the porn of the industry. They supply military with equ and training... The square thing at end of heat source is not an air concentrator... it contacts the device legs, so the solder melts on all legs simultaneously, without undue heat to device nor board and surrounding devices.
    Anyone want to get me a neato birthday gift this coming NOV, this would definitely not be treated like all those sweaters I have gotten over the years
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