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    Keyhole - Eugene got a reaction from Jim Hetchler in Used Chrysler PCM Vin Writing Skim Bypass.   
    Well apparently pacifica systems do not need the pin code for the vin writing.
    Autel wrote it without the pin no issue.
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    Keyhole - Eugene got a reaction from Locksmitherie in 2007 Dodge Sprinter   
    If you copy the flash + EEPROM it should just start if I am not mistaken. Have not done one of these exactly as a replacement, but I see no reason it would be any different than any other mercedes Ignition.
    Also.... Don't take half the dash board apart as everyone else shows. 
    Remove the lower heater vent at the kick panel, unscrew the EIS and pull it out. It is 1 screw vs many.
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    Keyhole - Eugene got a reaction from Locksmitherie in 2009 Canadian Spec F-150 Instrument Cluster   
    Specifically we have an Autel MS908. Any of their modern tools with a pass thru should be the same.
    Under programming - programmable module installation. Start with the original module in - assuming its not 100% toast. In this trucks case, his RPM gauge was dead.
    Autel reads all the coding off the original. Tells you to swap. Hit okay and its done in 5 seconds.
    In the case of this truck the Immob was in the instrument cluster. Had to program the keys in at this point, and a parameter reset. Which is identical to every other ford on the market.
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    Keyhole - Eugene got a reaction from Singh in 2007+ GM Radio replacement   
    Have never done it, but maybe someone can chime in here.
    Maxysis lists Radio VIN relearn. Would this work to swap a used radio?
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    Keyhole - Eugene reacted to birdman68 in Used Chrysler PCM Vin Writing Skim Bypass.   
    This is a tip I found , may help in the event skim code is being a challenge to obtain.
    Not sure of year coverage but may help one of us.
    I always disconnect SKIM module and go to function of
    changing VIN. When no SKIM module offline DRB does not
    bother you asking for PIN and let you change VIN like car
    has no SKIM. After changing VIN connect SKIM back and start
    the car. I have change more than 100 ECMs in recent year and
    this method never failed.
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    Keyhole - Eugene got a reaction from keymachine in 2007 Dodge sprinter Ignition replacement   
    The person this vehicle is for actually worked as a mercedes dealer tech for 10ish years so he has been a help. He just does not have the account to order TRP, or subscriptions/tools at this point.
    Issue: the Maxysis connects, and the VIN etc of the new ordered module matches already and can test function/read key fine.
    To program the keys it puts out a random number , a key ID, SKIM (for remote i think) etc. You have to convert this # to a 16 digit number to program (X1 or X2 function according to mercedes).
    The NASTF site you would think does this with a sub. The site has a link to VEDOC which is where the conversion software is. However the login I was provided does not work to log into this portion of their site - it works on literally every other aspect of the mercedes sites.
    As they are east coast and closed, I am going to call their support line tomorrow and see whats up. Hopefully its a straight forward issue, as the help documents make it look very easy to get this number - assuming I can get a log in.
    Also he has a factory scan tool (expired subscription) and it is nearly identical menus, and numbers/wording as Maxysis. The software appears to be a near clone as the factory tool as far as programming the keys go.
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    Keyhole - Eugene got a reaction from Singh in mvp module programming   
    No idea if anyone has compiled anything;
    What I know;
    It can do pretty much any chrysler SKIM/SKREEM that I have tried
    Will do a parameter reset (NOT a vin flash) of new ford PCM's
    It will do some VW dash clusters but not all
    Was plugged into a 10' Prius yesterday and it had some menu options for receiver and smart control replacement. I was just doing a dupe so I have no idea what they do, but I imagine it works.
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    Keyhole - Eugene reacted to keymachine in 2004-2007 Chrysler Town And Country Used ECM Replacement With Autel Maxisys   
    Pretty much what David said.  Everybody has their own acronym including vehicle manufactures and scan tool manufactures. I generally use ECM to refer the computer that controls the engine functions which is what was replaced in his case. On this vehicle PCM would be an incorrect usage of that abbreviation because it has a separate transmission control module. 
    For the most part if someone uses ECM, ECU or PCM they are referring to the same thing- the computer/module that controls the engine functions.  
    As David said on vehicles where the engine computer and transmission computer are integrated into one unit, PCM would be the correct usage of that acronym and using TCM would be incorrect. But potato potaato. 
    Obviously no one explain this to Autel when they were writing the softewate. 
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    Keyhole - Eugene got a reaction from Singh in 2004-2007 Chrysler Town And Country Used ECM Replacement With Autel Maxisys   
    So was the ECM or the PCM replaced?
    ECM = Engine Control Module, PCM = Power Control module yes?
    Or does it matter? The screens just say PCM so I'm curious for future reference, as we just bought one of these tools for this exact purpose.
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    Keyhole - Eugene reacted to keymachine in 2004-2007 Chrysler Town And Country Used ECM Replacement With Autel Maxisys   
    This is a tutorial on syncing a used ECM to a Chrysler Town and Country using Autel Maxisys. This vehicle is a 2005 but the process is the same for pretty much any Chrysler. The newest I've done with the Maxisys is a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan and the process was identical. 

    Select Diagnostics

    Then Chrysler

    Next Automatic Selection

    Make sure to manually enter the VIN and do not use the Read function. If you use the read function it will read the incorrect VIN out of the recently installed used ECM. After you enter the VIN click OK. 

    Although not necessary, it's always a good idea to check and clear all fault codes so select Diagnosis. 

    And then Auto Scan. 

    If you want, after reading the fault codes, you can go into each module and review them or just use the Quick Erase function to clear them. 

    Scroll down to Skim/Skreem and double click the line or single click the arrow.

    Select Special Functions

    Then PCM Replaced

    Click OK

    Enter the PIN and then click OK

    If the PIN was entered correctly click OK

    Click OK

    Make sure the VIN is correct and click Yes

    Click OK

    Click OK
    You're done, that's all there is to it.
    2004-2007 Chrysler Town & Country Used ECM Replacement with Autel Maxisys by Jay Hanf.pdf
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    Keyhole - Eugene reacted to Superflash007 in GM Module swapping on late model AA Vehciles   
    Just an FYI when swapping used modules on GM Architecture A vehicles.  Please watch the video in the link provided to understand what can happen if you install
    used Electronic Modules in these vehicles.    I have seen this happen, fortunately it was the owner of the vehicle that put the used components into his Camaro and bricked the car!
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