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    • Jim Hetchler

      Social Groups   05/28/2017

      If you are wishing to make a group (anyone can) please contact me so that I may talk you through it since the last few have not been done correctly.  Once you set the Group you have to edit it to add a Discussion Forum.  Then each post will have its own post as opposed to just having one huge and long line of posts in the main page.  I am going to try to post a video showing how to do it.  Or I can also use "Joinme" anytime where you can watch me work on the laptop.  Just need to let me know so I can set it up. Anytime you want to learn to navigate or do anything I can show you we can hook up using "Joinme".
    • Jim Hetchler

      Gallery, Key Pro Videos   06/20/2017

      I am slowly one by one resetting all the videos to mp4 format.  Please look and let me know by name which ones do not play for you.  jim@keypro.com


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