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    • Supposedly was the alternator, which was already replaced. With the by pass in it is now charging at 14.3 volts... which is manually adjustable. Like I said, I will post pictures once I get it all working properly.       I'd love it incase this does not pan out. Just let me know how much $ + shipping. Have an email into the guy - the by pass has the car charging, but his trick to tricking the charge light off is not working.   Essentially it is a resistor with a heat sync wired in between the alternator plug coming from the ECM. That portion of the ECM is working, as if you plug it in to the alternator the light was not on (Even tho it did not charge)
    • So maybe look at the source of the issue that caused that before you install another one??
    • I could not find the processor online for purchase anywhere; outside of china - 6 months out - or in 1000+ qty   I did remove it and reseat it with no effect and reflowed everything near it with hot air. I would be leary of tossing it in the oven without removing the connectors which are plastic. To do so you would have to unsolder several hundred pins that are through and through the board.   The ECM got HOT, it burned up his alternator and the main wire I guess prior to me seeing it. So my guess would be that driver is completely hosed   Currently I have ordered an ECM charging by-pass. I'll post photos and let you know how that goes.
    • See if this helps you. see attached. I have had some luck repairing these with a simple reflow process. I remove the PC board from the case and reflow it in my wife's oven. Its easy while she is asleep, i fill at pan with a layer of fine pool sand. then cover the sand with aluminum foil, place the foil directly on top of the sand, such that no sand can touch the board. preheat the oven to about 450, when the oven is good and hot, place the bare board on the foil, it helps to place a blob of soldering flux on the board somewhere as an indicator of reaching the proper melting point. View the flux thru the glass of the oven door, so you can tell when you have reached a good reflow temperature for a minute of so, then without touching the pan or disturbing the pan just simply turn off the oven open the oven door and let it cool off slowly. walah you have reflowed the board, it solves a number of solder joint issues most of which are not visible on these dense multi layered boards.     MC33888APNB.pdf
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