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    • I own an Autel and IM600, both are Tinker toys. I also own a an OTC, snap-on, AE, Again tinker toys. I also have a DRB3, 2 VCI witech 1.0, 2 Micropods. These are factory tooling which I know when push comes to shove they will get the job done. Do I still use my tinker toys for various reasons... Absolutely.      I find it funny that you have resorted to name calling. My intention here is to make other professional locksmiths know what’s all involved in performing a PCM replacement on these Dodges that you have provided examples of. The fact is I have indicated in a Professional manner what’s all required and how to perform them properly, if you don’t want to learn from my reply keep hacking these jobs... other professional locksmiths will fix them properly. 
    • Hey Petunia, don't get your panties in a wad. I know if must be scary that locksmiths are moving on your turf as a mechanic, but I'm sure you'll persevere. Feel free to keep trolling my old posts, it just proves what a petty dick you are. No, I won't be asking for your guidance, because attitudes like yours are the reason that there are more lurkers than there are posters on these sites. P.S., if I believed everything Chrysler told me, then I wouldn't be able to program car keys with my "tinker toys" 
    • Ok there is a number of different ways to program a GM radio BUT it’s dependent on the year make and model. Some of the older ones you could hold a hold a couple buttons down on the radio in a sequence and it would give you a couple codes and you called the GM radio line and gave them the info and they would give you the unlock code.    From there they started to have the radio setup or vin relearn procedure in the tech2 scanner or tech2win (GM MDI or MDI2).  Some scanners like the Autel or IM600  may or may not have  this capability. (Usually if the tech 2 software had it listed for a specific Y/M/M the Autel/IM600 would be able to do it as well)  Then from there it started going Server based (needing a laptop and GM/AC Delco subscription to their SPS) I have done many 2007/2008 GM used radio replacements where they will display locked and once you program the correct vin into them and select the correct RPO code options (speaker system/amp/digital receiver, type of vehicle/market place/etc) it then loads the correct calibration then once it finishes the programming your used radio will work. NOTE: If you have an incorrect part number you can risk bricking the radio during programming  or getting an error code again while programming and it will not complete.    Then next game “global A” vehicle Radios starting basically in 2010+ on select models (example caddy SRX, Buick Enclave) The non global A radios are generally not an issue to program them providing you have the correct part number, the procedure again is laptop and GM./ Delco SPS) . If it’s a Global A vehicle then the recommended procedure according to GM is to replace the Radio with a new one (and program again with SPS) and because of the system indentifier number that’s embedded into the global A radio it has the capabilities of broadcasting this identifier number across the network and causing all sorts of other issues. (Did I mention a no start .. lol) Now it may need a new BCM.  So if you get asked to program a used Global A radio remember to make the customer aware of the possible ramifications. I’ve personally had a used Global A radio that would not program with SPS and new was the only option, I have also had a used Global A Radio that I was able to program with SPS and it worked fine once programmed. Global A modules (example...ECM/PCM/TCM/BCM/RADIO/ETC) are posing a problem and weather or not they work with SPS programming or VCI number programming or not. GM stance is that it requires a new module.  One other option that becomes a possible alternative is Eeprom programming. I have personally Eepromed a Global A module to make it function. But that’s a whole other level. I hope this sheds some light on the Radio reprogramming for GM’s.   
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