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    • Try a capacitive discharge on the system. (hard reset)  disconnect battery and hold terminals together
    • Mechanic customer had replaced his SJB due to a variety of electrical glitches.   He drove it in, we re-installed the original to pull the coding off it. Both the autel and FJDS failed to pull the coding. So we programmed it with the as built data via FJDS. That part went fine once we found where it was on motocrafts website. I actually did this 3 times to verify I did not type in a number wrong.   After completion it states something along the lines of - The dome light may be blinking (With the key on) This is normal and will continue until program is complete. To do so complete the following parameters Program 2 remote key fobs Learn TPMS sensors Take dimmer switch to full off, to full bright and then to on Fix all relevant DTC and clear codes.   Sure enough the dome light is blinking  Programmed RKE - Fine Programmed TPMS sensors with autel TPMS tool. Worked fine (Or seems to) Dash stated learning complete after finishing and tester said all sensors were good The Front dome lights do not function - but did the dimmer switch. I suspect perhaps this is the issue?   Cleared codes - What is present remaining P1832 - Tansfer case solenoid failure P1876 Transfer case 2WD solenoid short or open P1000:FF (Normal after new stuff installed) P115E:FF Throttle actuator control. Throttle body air flow trim at max limit   C2780:E0 ECU in manufacture sub-state. This is the code stating it is still in learn mode. Prior to coding we had a ton of configuration  incomplete, no vehicle coding , TPMS faults on all 4 wheels etc. 19 faults in all. Now there is 1.   Dash still states TPMS Fault, but is throwing no codes for such. I suspect because it is still throwing the C2780 code. All 4 sensors register in the GEM and show serial numbers, pressure etc via Autel. Coding displays in Autel   Google has failed me - I found several people with the exact same problem but never any resolution. Several people had taken it to multiple dealers who failed to determine the issue and they simply unplugged their dome light to keep it from flashing. One guy found a corroded ground wire that caused his problem, but it was also causing other issues. Everything is functioning on the vehicle as is - windows/locks/etc. and the vehicle drives so not a huge emergency but would like to get it fixed as they are a good customer.     HELP! Thanks
    • Never heard back on it. Suspect it was too expensive. Car was a POS according to the mechanic and the new computer was 1200+ what I quoted.
    • I did a PCM replacement on a 2014 Ram with my Autel today. It was a used PCM and the procedure was a little different that the Caravan that I posted about last month. This one actually had fewer steps. In Autel select your vehicle and then go to: Diagnostics>Control Unit>Engine>Check PCM VIN At this point it will read the VIN in the PCM and give you an option to update it. After you update the PCM, go to "Reset ECU". Then auto scan for, and then clear codes, and you're go to go. You don't even need the PIN to change the PCM on this vehicle.
    • That would have been one of those priceless moments for sure. "Oh, by the way, I left your machine hooked up for you in case you needed to do something else" would have even been a great response on the way out.
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