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    • The first bin is how the WIN was after attempting to add it in via the APP and Maxisys.  You can see the VIN starting at memory location 65B0 which matches the truck I tried to add it to.  There are 12 instances of the VIN stored.  At 78BB the original VIN shows up.  The VIN is divided into blocks of 4 with the 17th digit by itself.  I just did a find and replace for the correct VIN and got it running. I was mistaken where the module info was in VVDI Prog.  Its under immobilizer -> Chrysler -> Dodge-Journey-Win(2010).  Hope this info helps someone.  If something glitches maybe manually changing the VIN in the WIN will get you going. Surplus WIN Original File.bin Surplus WIN Reset Vin File_PIN1100.bin
    • I had a similar problem on a mid 2000's F150. It was transponder equipped. Did module replace with APP, erased and added keys but still no start. I cleared the keep alive memory in the PCM and started right up. Maybe I got lucky or perhaps the mileage adjust also clears out the memory?  
    • We just swapped a WIN on a 2009 Ram. It was a salvage the tow company brought in. Apparently the previous owner had cut off the original and tried to hot wire the truck 🙄. Tow man bought a used WIN from scrap yard with key so we tried to use the APP to match and Maxisys. Both said successful but still getting errors. Just for fun I hooked up the VVDI prog and pulled the data. If you look through the ASCII data you will find your VIN in several places. I think it was like 6. I noticed that there were some places that had the truck VIN set and others that had the original VIN still. Apparently the tools didn't set all the VIN numbers? I just replaced the VIN in every place with the truck VIN and put it back together. After this we hooked it back up and programmed back in the key as we had reset it. Immo light still on so we did a replace PCM with the APP. It said transferring secret key successful which was the first time that worked. After that the truck started and sorta ran, at least we let it till it started making some really bad sounds!  I'll try to remember to post the bin file tomorrow as the computer is at the shop. I've also got a supposed virgin WIN and I want to pull the bin file and compare.  The solder points are listed in the VVDI Prog. If I'm remembering right you go under IMMO Chrysler and it referenced a 300 WIN or WCM.
    • Just a note to be careful when using a used module. I did a 2010 Charger the other day and Witech would not transfer VIN from PCM. It had to be erased first. I would still like info on reading/writing to these if someone has info, thank you.
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